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blu3andyell0w's Journal

Blue And Yellow
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Blue & Yellow


Member's Page
Points; Get&Spend


One_ Read the rules; all of them
Two_ Fill out application within 48 hours
Three_ Application must be under LJ-cut
Four_ Do not post anywhere except on your own application
Five_ On your application, choose 'chipper' as your mood.
Six_ Never delete your application unless told so by a Mod.
Seven_ Hey baby, change your mood to 'crushed'

One_ No promotions
Two_ Say what the fuck you want
Three_ But do not harass other members or applicants
Four_ Be active, promote, vote, and participate.
Five_ VOTE: 40%; personality/60%; looks
Six_ Racial slurs=Immediate banning
Seven_ Make all the text-only posts you want. Posts do not have to be related to the community.
Eight_ Anything vulgar or long must be under a cut.


Cabyn; Crueler Than She Looks


Morris; His Ego Is Bigger Than His Nose




One_ Keep the LJ-cut
Two_ Subject = [yourusername] vs. [theirusername]
Three_ Don't be lame and choose their bad pictures. Be fair.
Four_ If you are being challenged, you may post 4 pictures of yourself, if you do not agree with the pictures they chose.
Five_ If loser, you may re-apply once.
Six_ Membership challenges only


Using stories, quotes, pictures, poems, or even songs; tell us about your summer memories. Be as creative as you like! And detailed too.

;Pirate Hunts;

Online Hunt


prettything_xx// 10